The digital audiometer 9910 helps to establish a precise screening of the hearing thresholds.

Headphones, battery power version and patient response hand switch can be modulated, according to the needs of the health professional using it.

  • Very easy to be operated and to be used especially for its lightweight and size.

  • Display of “frequency” and “level” on 2 large backlit LCD screens ; Display of the answer of the patient through the response hand switch button (available as an accessory).

  • Level and frequency ranges through silent and embossed keys.

 Characteristics :

  • Range of 11 frequencies, variables from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz (up/-1%)
  • Type 4 – screening and control (according to EN 60645-1)
  • Adjustable sound level from 10 dB to 100 dB in HLdB in 5 dB increments
  • Viewing “sound” and “frequency” levels on 2 large backlit LCD displays
  • Emission of sound in “continuous” or “pulsed” tone
  • Silent and embossed keys
  • CA Release – Air Conduction
  • CE Medical Marking (G-MED / CE0459)

Comes in a carrying case including :

  • Headphone
  • Power block sector 230 / 15V – 500 mA 
  • User manual (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Rumanian, French)

Variations : 

  • Power: Sector or Sector + battery (10 hours in autonomy)
  • Headphones available to choose from:
    • Sennheiser HD200 Pro
    • Sennheiser HDA 300
    • Telephonics TDH39
  • Response hand switch button (optional)